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Thousands of auto accidents occur every year across the nation. They can happen at any time, but you don't have navigate the legal world by yourself if you were injured in a collision. At the Law Offices of Jeremy W McKey in Dallas, TX, you can discuss your situation with a skilled auto accident attorney.

Collisions between small cars are dangerous enough, but a crash involving a commercial truck can be deadly. That's why attorney McKey works with cases involving commercial trucking accidents. If you were in an accident with an 18-wheeler, our auto accident attorney can help you build a strong case for compensation.

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Commercial Trucking Accident in Dallas TX

3 reasons to hire an attorney

It's possible to file a lawsuit against the trucking company yourself. But there are many reasons to work with an experienced truck accident lawyer. Team up with attorney McKey because...

  • The trucking company will have fierce legal representation on their side
  • Attorney McKey can help you follow all necessary legal processes and avoid damaging your case
  • Our skilled auto accident attorney will help you fight for the best possible outcome to your situation

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