Defend Your Rights After a Commercial Trucking Accident

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Truck accidents can be physically, mentally and financially devastating. If you drive a truck for a living or have been injured by one on the road, don't let a commercial trucking accident leave your future in jeopardy. Contact the Law Offices of Jeremy W McKey to hire a skilled truck accident lawyer in Dallas, TX.

Commercial trucking accidents can cause life-altering injuries. Our Accident Attorneys will fight tirelessly to get you the maximum compensation for your recovery. Call 214-855-8788 today to schedule a consultation with an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Commercial Trucking Accident in Dallas TX

What types of damages can you recover?

The sheer weight and size of commercial trucks makes any accident extremely dangerous. You'll need help with much more than superficial wounds. The Law Offices of Jeremy W McKey will help you seek compensation for:

  • Past and future suffering caused by the accident
  • Long-term disability
  • Significant medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
Your dedicated truck accident lawyer will gather all of the necessary documentation and evidence to present a strong claim. Speak with us today for help after a truck accident in the Dallas, TX area.